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Biographic Sketch

DOB: Febr. 03, 1936 (S. Petersburg, former Leningrad, Russia). Educated at Middle and High School in Moscow, Russia, 1943-1953. Graduated from Moscow State University (MSU), Moscow, Russia, 1953-1959; postgraduate studies at MSU (Semiconductor Chair, Physical Dept.) 1959-1963. Research activity at P. N. Lebedev Physics Institute ("Lebedev"), Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, since 1963, last time as a Head of the Injection Laser Laboratory (now - on leave from Lebedev). Candidate of Phys.-Math. Sci. Degree (which is analogue of PhD, 1965), Doctor of Phys.-Math. Sci. Degree (1974), Professor Title (1981) - all from Lebedev. Awarded by State Prize of the USSR in Science & Technology (1984). Fields of activity: semiconductor physics, laser physics, optoelectronics. Main results of scientific activity: pioneering researches on semiconductor lasers since 1962, first demonstrations of laser action in InGaAsP/InP (1974), AlGaAsSb/GaSb (1976), InGaAsSb/GaSb (1978), waveguide theory of heterojunction lasers (1970), demonstration and theory of several nonlinear effects in laser diodes (1974-1985), investigations of radiative processes in GaN-based heterostructures (1995-1999). In 1991 he was a Visiting Professor of the Endowed NTT Chair at Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) of Tokyo University, Japan. In 1993-1994 he was invited for scientific project to F. Braun Institute for High-Frequency Physics, Berlin, Germany. Since 1995, he is with Center of High Technology Materials, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM and on leave from Lebedev.

Present Position: Research Professor at the Center for High Technology Materials, University of New Mexico (UNM); also: Principal researcher, Head of Laboratory at P. N. Lebedev Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia.

Membership and committee activity: Correspondent member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Senior member of IEEE, Member of Moscow Physical Society. Activity in the Advisory Committee of IEEE Semiconductor Laser Conference several times up to last Meeting in Haifa, Israel, Vice-Presidency of that Conference in 1980 in Brighton, England, etc., member of the Conference Executive Committee of the International Topical Conference "Frontiers in Semiconductor Lasers" (La Jolla, Ca., September 7-9, 1998).
Expert activity as a member of some editorial desks: Russian Referate (Abstracts) Journal (Quantum Electronics Chapter), Russian Journal of "Quantum Electronics", "Soviet Ligthwave Communication", etc.).

Research Activity: Researches and technological developments in semiconductor lasers, laser optics, laser material science (mainly, III-V compounds and their alloys), device reliability and optoelectronic device applications. A number of publications in journals is more than 450.