Key components of CHTM's vertically integrated structure are its highly advanced facilities. Begun in 1992 with a bond issue approved by the State of New Mexico and dedicated in 1997, the Center for High Technology Materials was constructed in south campus, in an area called UNM Research Park. Housed in the main complex and in three satellite buildings are several laboratories devoted to the research of nanotechnology and advanced optics. The extensive modern cleanroom in the main building allows for the fabrication of advanced semiconductor devices from epitaxial structures grown at CHTM. Also within the main building are nearly two dozen laboratories that house high power lasers, scanning electron microscopes, devices for molecular beam epitaxy, and advanced workstations for numerical simulations of atomic structures and beam propogation within laser cavities.

Research at the neighboring Crystal Growth Facility focuses on metalorganic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) epitaxial growth for advanced semiconductor device structures. Another building adjacent to CHTM houses the Mid-infrared Imaging Characterization and Application (MICA) laboratory, where testing of infrared focal plane arrays that are grown and fabricated at CHTM is performed. Finally, a newly constructed draw tower and cleanroom located nearby in UNM Research park enables the local fabrication of long optical fibers for research.

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