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Three scanning electron microscopes (SEM) instruments are available to CHTM researchers. All three are JEOL products and each model possesses unique capabilities.



A researcher needing high resolution across a broad range of accelerating voltages chooses the JSM6400 field emmision scanning electron microscope (FESEM).  This is an analytical grade SEM utilizing a field emission source (tungsten cold cathode design). Accelerating voltages range between 0.5 to 30kV. The magnification ranges between 10 - 500,000 times at 39 mm working distance. Resolution is approximately 1.5 nanometers at 30kV and 8mm working distance.

JSM 6400

JSM 848


If a researcher requires e-beam writing, our JSM848 instrument equipped with a LaB6 (lanthanum hexaboride) emitter is their choice. This tool utilizes the J.B. Nabity software to draw electron beam patterns in resist with high precision. Operating the SEM and Nabity software is simple, though learning to properly apply the software is a time intensive task since e-beam writing requires patience and concentration.



For researchers needing a simple but effective SEM to image samples at low magnification, the JSM5800 model is the proper instrument.  This is the simplest SEM offered at CHTM, and novice as wells as experienced users generate high quality images of structures such as ball bonds, packaged devices and similar materials.

JSM 5800