The University of New Mexico

An NSF Integrative Graduate

Education and Research Traineeship in

Integrating Nanotechnology with Cell Biology and Neuroscience






Nick Andrews
Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

My project involves the development of novel fluorescent nanomaterials for biomedical imaging and also the application and adaptation of biophysical techniques to high resolution live cell imaging in the context of the allergic inflammatory response. My advisors are Dr. Diane Lidke in the school of medicine's Department of Pathology, and Dr. Timothy Boyle at the Advanced Materials Laboratory at Sandia National Laboratories. I am currently a medical student performing research in the Department of Pathology working towards the MD/PhD degree.

Kate B

Kate Brandt
Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

Eric Carnes
Chemical and Nuclear Engineering

I am a Ph.D. student in the Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Department. I am being advised by Dr. Jeff Brinker from Chemical Engineering as well as Dr. Graham Timmins from the College of Pharmacy. Our project centers around cell-directed assembly, by which a living cell is used to organize nanomaterials in its environment. We have been investigating the ability to immobilize cells in inorganic films for use in solid-state devices and to create novel bio/nano interfaces. We are also developing new models for cell-cell communication and virulent latency based on our cell-directed assembly technique.

Nick C

Nick Carroll
Chemical and Nuclear Engineering

My research is using microfluidic lab-on-a-chip technology to produce and manipulate highly monodisperse emulsion droplets for use as high-through put bioreactors for DNA amplification and sequencing. I am working toward a PhD in chemical engineering. My advisor is Professor Dimiter Petsev from the Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Department.


Chessa Scullin
Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program