Become a Part of this Team!

In Dr. Osinski's group, you can be part of a dynamic and creative team of individuals, dedicated to science and its technological application. As part of Dr. Osinski's group, you will be more than a number and an anonymous face in a lecture hall, you will be part of a community of minds. Once a week, you will participate in a group meeting, at which important matters regarding current research projects will be discussed. You will be seen and heard at these meetings, allowing you to fully realize your potential as a student and scientist. You will work hand-in-hand with accomplished professors in the field of your choice, developing the skills and knowledge that you will need to make a living at what you love to do, in a field with unlimited job opportunities.

While studying in Dr. Osinski's group, you will be in the middle of New Mexico's largest city. You will enjoy shopping in the city's two major malls, as well as small, culturally-oriented merchants you can only find in the southwest. You will also be able to see all the latest films at the 24-screen movie theater. In Albuquerque, you will also be part of a thriving art community. Numerous galleries let you relax and enjoy fine art in your free time. The Albuquerque Museum attracts both national and local talent, which you can see for free. It also puts on workshops in various disciplines, allowing you to refresh your spirit and refine your skill. In addition, you will be only an hour and a half from Santa Fe, the cultural center of the Southwest.

Albuquerque also provides you with opportunities in the performing arts. You can enjoy an evening of fine music with the nationally-renowned New Mexico Symphony. You can watch and participate in both traditional and experimental drama in the city's several community theaters. Feel all the excitement of big-city theater at UNM's Popejoy Hall, which regularly features touring Broadway theater companies and musicians. Or see your favorite band at Albuquerque's spacious stadiums and amphitheaters. Below are directions on how to apply to all the different programs Dr. Osinski's research group has to offer. Become a part of Dr. Osinski's group at CHTM today!

Graduate Students

If you qualify as a graduate research assistant in Dr Osinksi's group, your tuition will be paid in full. You will also receive a stipend, to spend in any way you choose. To apply, simply e-mail Dr. Osinski and send him your resume. If you submit your materials electronically, your request will be evaluated much faster. You are just an e-mail away from doing the work you love.

Integrating Nanotechnology with Cell Biology and Neuroscience (INCBN) IGERT

To apply for the INCBN IGERT program please follow this link for further information! Note that you must be a graduate student to apply for this program.

Undergraduate Students

The application procedure for an undergraduate research assistantship is the same as the procedure for the graduate research assistantship. Simply e-mail Dr. Osinski and send him your resume.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Please follow this link to learn more about the CHTM Nanophotonics REU program and for the information on the application/requirements!