Ganesh Balakrishnan 

Ganesh Balakrishnan, PhD

Associate Professor, Dept. Of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Associate Director, Center for High Technology Materials

University of New Mexico

Room 116 B, 1313 Goddard SE Albuquerque NM 87106


"Welcome to Ganesh Balakrishnan's research group. We are an optoelectronics research group at the center for high technology materials at the University of New Mexico. We specialize in the growth, processing and characterization of compound semiconductors with a focus on high power lasers, solar cells and novel nano-structures. Our epitaxial process is conducted using a state of art GEN 10 molecular beam epitaxy reactor and two VG V80 reactors."

Current research in the group is funded by the following agencies: 

  • DoD HBCU/MI, Army Research Office, PM Dr. M. Gerhold
  • National Science Foundation  
  • Office of Naval Research - JTO
  • AFRL 

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