Group members

Christopher Hains        Research Scientist

Thomas rotter                                         Assistant research professor

Alex albrecht                             post doctoral researcher

Pankaj ahirwar              Graduate research assistant


stephen clark             underGRADUATE employee

victor patel             UNDERGRADUATE EMPLOYEE

Chris Hains is a research scientist. His expertise in optoelectronics spans fifteen years, with seminal research in the areas of VCSELs, Quantum Dot lasers, dilute nitride lasers and high power VECSELs. His research has resulted in over thirty peer reviewed journals. Chris is our primary semiconductor processing scientist and his responsibilities include development of new processing techniques for mid-IR lasers as well as implementing thermal management schemes for the devices. 

Tom Rotter is a research assistant professor. Tom specializes in the growth of InAs Quantum Dots/Dashes as well as antimonide semiconductors. Tom's research has resulted in record performance from lasers at 1.55 to 2 microns using both antimonide active regions as well as InAs quantum dash active regions. Tom has over ten years of crystal growth expertise using VG V80 reactors and is one of CHTM's principal MBE scientists. 

Alex Albrecht is a post doctoral researcher. Alex specializes in the design and characterization of high power VECSELs. His present efforts include the development of InAs QD VECSELs and VCSELs. This research has resulted in some of the highest power VECSELs based on InAs quantum dots. Alex is also in charge of several optical characterization laboratories at CHTM. 

Pankaj Ahirwar is a second year (post-qualifier) PhD student. He is working towards the development of Mid-IR VECSELs (>3 ┬Ám). His research expertise includes growth of antimonides using MBE, optical charaterization of antimonide semiconductors and microscopy.

Natasa is a PhD candidate. She is currently a AFRL-CHTM center of excellence student working on high power lasers with Dr. Tim Newell at AFRL - Kritland AFB. 

Steve Clark is an undergraduate researcher, he has been with our group since 2008. Steve's current project includes the growth of amorphous and poly-GaAs on CVD diamond for thermal management applications. Steve is also involved in the growth of novel type-II QD structures for detector applications. 

Victor Patel is an undergraduate researcher, he has been working with our group since 2010. Victor's current project involves the growth of InAs QDashes on InP for vertical cavity surface emitting lasers. 

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