I have listed pubilcations from the past two years in this website. If you would like a more comprehensive list of my publications please vist my google scholar profile at


Three-dimensional GaN templates for molecular beam epitaxy of nonpolar InGaN/GaN coaxial light-emitting diodes
AK Rishinaramangalam, MN Fairchild, SD Hersee, G Balakrishnan, DF Feezell, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …

Bridging the Gap Towards the Monolithically Integrated Selective Polarizer: A Dynamic Metamaterial Polarization Grid
C Shemelya, N Pfiester, G Balakrishnan, T Vandervelde, Bulletin of the American Physical Society 58

Effect of antimony nano-scale surface-structures on a GaSb/AlAsSb distributed Bragg reflector
S Husaini, D Shima, P Ahirwar, TJ Rotter, CP Hains, T Dang, RG Bedford, G ...Applied Physics Letters 102 (6), 063108-063108-3

Carrier dynamics and photoluminescence quenching mechanism of strained InGaSb/AlGaSb quantum wells

NA Jahan, C Hermannstadter, H Sasakura, TJ Rotter, P Ahirwar, G Balakrishnan ...Journal of Applied Physics 113 (5), 053505-053505-7

Spectral and Transient Luminescence Measurements on GaSb/AlGaSb Quantum Wells Grown on GaSb/GaAs Heterojunctions with and without Interfacial Misfit Arrays

NA Jahan, P Ahirwar, TJ Rotter, G Balakrishnan, H Kumano, I SuemuneJapanese Journal of Applied Physics 52 (2), 022101

Growth and optimization of 2 μm InGaSb/AlGaSb quantum well based VECSELs on GaAs/AlGaAs DBRs.
P Ahirwar, T Rotter, D Shima, N Jahan, S Clark, S Addamane, G Balakrishnan …IEEE JSTQE

Intrinsic localized modes in two-dimensional vibrations of crystalline pillars and their application for sensing
D Brake, H Xu, A Hollowell, G Balakrishnan, C Hains, M Marconi, V PutkaradzeJournal of Applied Physics 112 (10), 104326-104326-8


Gold substrate-induced single-mode lasing of GaN nanowires
H Xu, JB Wright, A Hurtado, Q Li, TS Luk, JJ Figiel, K Cross, G Balakrishnan ...Applied Physics Letters 101 (22), 221114-221114-4

Low homologous temperature (< 0.2) sputtering of indium films on silicon
T Dang, D Shima, G Balakrishnan, A Chen, RG BedfordJournal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer ...

Single {\ _} Shot Diffraction Limited Fourier Holography Scheme using a Table top Soft X-ray Laser
E Malm, N Monserud, C Brown, P Wachulak, G Balakrishnan, M MarconiBulletin of the American Physical Society 57

Gold Substrate-Induced Single-Mode Lasing of GaN Nanowires.
JB Wright, Q Li, TS Luk, JJ Figiel, KC Cross, I Brener, GT Wang, H Xu, A ...Proposed for publication in Applied Physics Letters.

Single-mode lasing of GaN nanowire-pairs
H Xu, JB Wright, TS Luk, JJ Figiel, K Cross, LF Lester, G Balakrishnan, GT ...Applied Physics Letters 101 (11), 113106-113106-4

Gallium free type II InAs/InAs< inf> x</inf> Sb< inf> 1-x</inf> superlattice photodetectors
T Schuler-Sandy, S Myers, B Klein, N Gautam, P Ahirwar, ZB Tian, T Rotter, G ...Applied Physics Letters 101 (7), 071111-071111-3

Intracavity laser cooling using a VECSEL
AR Albrecht, D Seletskiy, CP Hains, JG Cederberg, A Di Lieto, M Tonelli, G ...Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference

GaN epitaxy on Cu (110) by metal organic chemical vapor deposition
Q Li, J Figiel, G Wang, H Xu, G BalakrishnanApplied Physics Letters 100 (19), 192110-192110-3

Influence of non-radiative carrier losses on pulsed and continuous VECSEL performance
A Laurain, J Hader, YY Lai, TL Wang, M Yarborough, G Balakrishnan, TJ Rotter ...Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Conference Series ...

Telecommunication band InAs quantum dots and dashes embedded in different barrier materials
NA Jahan, C Hermannstädter, JH Huh, H Sasakura, TJ Rotter, P Ahirwar, G ...arXiv preprint arXiv:1202.1360

Demonstration of a Cognitive Radio Front End Using an Optically Pumped Reconfigurable Antenna System (OPRAS)
Y Tawk, J Costantine, S Hemmady, G Balakrishnan, K Avery, CG ChristodoulouAntennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on 60 (2), 1075-1083

Relaxation dynamics and residual strain in metamorphic AlSb on GaAs
JM Ripalda, AM Sanchez, AG Taboada, A Rivera, B Alén, Y Gonzalez, L González ...Applied Physics Letters 100 (1), 012103-012103-4

1220–1280-nm Optically Pumped InAs Quantum Dot-Based Vertical External-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser
AR Albrecht, A Stintz, FT Jaeckel, TJ Rotter, P Ahirwar, VJ Patel, CP Hains ...Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of 17 (6), 1787-1793

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