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Previous Projects and Research Topics

VAHALA Research group
California Institute of Technoloy (Caltech)

  1. Demonstration and study of injection locking in optomechanical oscillators.
  2. Study and optimization of second order nonlinearity in optomechanical oscillator for RF frequency mixing applications.
  3. Study and design of optical frequency locking systems for application in UH-Q optical microresonators with thermally broadened resonances.
  4.  Experimental study on the effect of ambient pressure and geometry on threshold power, noise and stability of microtoroidal optomechanical oscillator.
  5.  Development of techniques for studying the interaction between two microtoroids.
  6. Demonstration of the first all-optical homodyne RF down-converter based on optomechanical oscillator.
  7. Design and fabrication of vacuum system for testing ultra-high-Q toroidal microcavities at low-pressure and low-temperature condition.
  8. Observation and characterization of optical spring effect in optomechanical resonator
  9. Development of techniques for fabrication of free ultra-high-Q microtoroid optical resonators for biosensor and multi-pole optical filter applications.
  10. Characterization of microtoroidal optomechanical oscillator (Frequency, Phase noise, linewidth, …)
  11. Observation of Brownian noise in self-sustained optomechanical oscillators
  12.  Efficient fiber-taper coupling to high-Q Whispering-Gallery modes of liquid droplets for optofluidic applications.
  13.  Development of novel techniques for manipulation of liquid droplets in aqueous medium.

Advanced Electronic and Photonic Technology Lab
University of Southern California (USC)


  1. RF filters based on adaptive design
  2. Photonic self-homodyne wireless RF-receiver using electro-optic microdisk
  3. Photonic self-homodyne RF-receiver based on linear optical modulation and filtering
  4. Harmonic modulation in microdisk modulators
  5. RF microring resonators for electro-optic application
  6. Eletro-optic bistability in LiNbO3 microdisk
  7. Demonstration of RF optical link using  LiNbO3 microdisk modulator
  8. LiNbO3 microdisk modulator
 Medical Physics Lab
Sharif University of Technology (SUT)

  1. Polarization rotation in He-Ne laser
  2. Controlled second-harmonic generation
  3. KDP crystal growth
  4. Design and fabrication of ND:YAG laser