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Cavity  Optomechanics: Physics and applications of Optomechanical Oscillator (OMO)

Interaction between the optical and mechanical modes in microstructures is a relatively new field that has been subject of intensive research since 2004.  In a high-Q optomechanical cavity  circulating optical power and mechanical displacement are coupled  through optical radiation pressure or E-field gradient force. Beyond their interesting dynamics, the optomechanically coupled systems are potential candidates for low power all-optical switching, photonic clock and local oscillator generation, quantum information processing, photonic RF frequency conversion and mass sensing. In 2010 both Nature Magazine and Science Magazine have highlighted cavity optomechanics as being among the most developing research fields in the past decade. We work on physics and application of resonant optomechanical interaction. Specifically we explore radiation pressure driven oscillators and their application in RF-Photonic and Photonic Sensing.


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