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Fluidic WGM optical microresoantors

Micro-droplets cavities were among the first optical Whispering-Galley Mode (WGM) resonators that have been studied since 20 years ago and shown to exhibit ultra-high-Q factors owing to surfacetension-induced smoothing of the WG dielectric  interface. The combination of high-Q and a micro-scale mode volume creates an ideal environment for study of numerous physical phenomena, including cavity-enhanced spectroscopy (CRM, SRS, CARS), study of nonlinear properties of liquids, biosensoing, and demonstration of laser operation in liquids.
We have created reliable and practical techniques for generation, control and stabilization of micro-droplet WGM optical cavities
and fiber-based optical coupling
into them. Currently our research is focused on studying the interaction between nanoparticles and molecules and high-WGMs in these microresonators for biosensing applications 

M. Hossein-Zadeh, and K. J. Vahala, “Fiber-taper coupling to Whispering-Gallery modes of droplet resonators embedded in a liquid medium”, Optics Express, vol. 14(22), pp. 10800-10810, Oct 2006.