60,000 sq ft research facility in UNM's Science & Technology Park

Loading Semiconductor Sample in MOCVD Reactor

Crystal Growth project using Molecular Beam Epitaxy Reactor

Metallic Thin Film Deposition in CHTM Cleanroom

Photolithographic Patterning of Sample in Cleanroom

Testing Infrared Focal Plane Array Fabricated at CHTM

Director Goes Over Research with Student

Semiconductor Device Testing

Experiments conducted in laboratories & cleanroom on site

Testing of Infrared Camera Developed at CHTM

CHTM Spotlight

In the News

Professor C. Jeffrey Brinker

Professor C. Jeffrey Brinker speaks to new MRS student chapter at CHTM
February 12, 2016
The new student chapter of the MRS is off to a great start with the appearance of a very distinguished presenter, a pioneering engineer with a ground-breaking career. Read More ...

Renishaw Microscope

Renishaw InVia confocal Raman microscope brought to CHTM
February 5, 2016
Described as "the ultimate research-grade confocal Raman microscope," the Renishaw inVia held court at CHTM with a workshop on the analytic power of Raman theory and in-person demonstrations of the instrument, using visitor's own samples. Read More ...

Professor Emeritus Petr G. Eliseev

Professor Petr Eliseev receives Lifetime Achievement Award from CHTM
February 3, 2016
Professor Petr Eliseev celebrated his 80th birthday on February 3, 2016, with colleagues, friends, students and family at CHTM. Among other guests, Professor Eliseev's first student was present to enjoy the auspicious occasion and to celebrate his Lifetime Achievement Award. Read More ...

Payman Zarkesh-Ha, PhD

Technology Developed at UNM Reaches Breakthrough for High Speed Networks
January 27, 2016
Local start-up company Dynamic Photonics, Inc., is commercializing a technology developed at the University of New Mexico which could make high-speed, distortion-free, low-cost networks a reality. Professor Majeed Hayat and Associate Professor Payman Zarkesh-Ha, from ECE and CHTM, along with co-inventors Luke Lester, Sanjay Krishna, David Ramirez, and John David collaborated on the project. Read More ...


CHTM benefits New Mexico economy

UNM’s Bureau of Business & Economic Research (BBER) reports that CHTM has generated more than $372M in economic output since its inception in 1983, supporting:

  • 131 jobs in New Mexico (ongoing)
  • $6.5M in labor income
  • $11.7M economic output annually

CHTM patents promote entrepreneurship in New Mexico:

  • 170 US patents awarded for CHTM research
  • CHTM patents are about 25% of the STC.UNM total
  • 38% of CHTM patents have been licensed
  • Over $10 million in royalty income has been generated
  • 13 companies have been started by CHTM faculty and students
  • Many more small companies have been assisted