Honoring Dr Brueck for receiving the UNM Presidential Medal Lab Experiment Loading semiconductor sample in MOCVD reactor Semiconductor device testing Deposition of metal contacts on device Testing of infrared camera that was developed at CHTM Metallic thin film deposition in CHTM's cleanroom Testing of infrared focal plane array fabricated at CHTM Student inspecting equipment Students describing their crystal growth project using CHTM's GEN-10 Molecular Beam Epitaxy reactor Director going over research with student

Loading Semiconductor Sample in MOCVD Reactor

Students Describing their Crystal Growth project using CHTM's GEN-10 Molecular Beam Epitaxy Reactor

Metallic Thin Film Deposition in CHTM's Cleanroom

Photolithographic Patterning of Sample in CHTM's Cleanroom

Testing of Infrared Focal Plane Array Fabricated at CHTM

Director Going Over Research with Student

Semiconductor Device Testing

Student Inspecting Equipment

Honoring Dr. Brueck for receiving the UNM Presidential Medal

Deposition of Metal Contacts on Device

Testing of Infrared Camera that was Developed at CHTM

Lab Experiment

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International Year of Light

International Year of Light
The Center for High Technology Materials (CHTM) and the Optical Science and Engineering, (OSE) program at the University of New Mexico (UNM) sponsored the International Year of Light celebration in New Mexico on September 25, 2015, and the event was a great success. 

Read the Albuquerque Journal article on the event here

Visit the OSE website here

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A new course, "advanced Topics in Modern Optics"
June 2, 2015
Fall 2015: Adv Topics in Modern Optics--Nano/biophotonicsMW 17:30-18:45, Room TBDInstructor: Victor Acosta Recommended background: E&M at the level of ECE 360/PHYC 405 or optics at the PHYC 302 level. Optional text: Introduction to Nanophotonics by Sergey Gaponenko Read More News...