In the News

Arash Mafi, Interim Director of CHTM

Arash Mafi appointed as Interim Director for CHTM
July 25, 2016
The appointment was announced by the Vice President for Research at UNM, Gabriel Lopez, who said Mafi "brings a wealth of experience in both academia and industry" to the position. Read More ...

Distinguished Professor Martin Kirk

Martin Kirk promoted to Distinguished Professor at UNM
July 25, 2016
CHTM Faculty Member and Professor with the UNM Chemistry Department Martin Kirk is one of six faculty members recently honored at UNM with the title of Distinguished Professor. Read More ...

UNM Professor Sang M. Han

CHTM faculty member Sang M. Han part of team receiving major NSF grant
July 22, 2016
A team of faculty from UNM are leading a project that was just awarded a 5-year, $2 million grant by the National Science Foundation. The project is designed to revolutionize engineering education at the undergraduate level. Read More ...


First course of the NASCENT 2016 Summer School taught by Professor Steven Brueck
July 18, 2016
Three short courses were offered by researchers with the NASCENT ERC in July for the annual NASCENT Summer School in a cooperative effort between the University of Texas at Austin and CHTM. Read More ...

UNM logo with duck pond as background

UNM is ranked among best in the world by largest academic ranking of global universities
July 14, 2016
The academic ranking of 1,000 universities said that the top indicators for UNM came in the areas of citations and patents where it ranked No. 90 and 119 respectively. Read More ...

In the Know

CHTM is a 60,000 sq. ft. facility and the cornerstone of the Science and Technology Park at the University of New Mexico.

Key components of CHTM's vertically integrated structure are its highly advanced facilities.

Facilities and Resources:

By combining fabrication, manufacturing and characterization laboratories, CHTM covers all stages from design to system in areas of hard nano-materials and engineered fibers.

  • Nano-epitaxy
  • Nano-fabrication and Nano-manufacturing
  • Characterization
  • Engineered optical fibers

Major research areas:

  • Photodetectors and imagers
  • Semiconductor LEDs and lasers
  • Advanced nonlinear optics and nano-optics

Other research areas include:

  • Epitaxy and Nanoscale Materials: UV to IR
  • Nanoscale Lithography and Microscopy
  • Photonic and Microelectronic Devices
  • Ultrafast Metrology and Fiber Optics
  • Sensing and Imaging