Teachers return to CHTM

June 12, 2014

Teachers return to CHTM:K-12 teachers learned how to make a solar cell during the CHTM kickoff of the second year of the "Energizing Engineering Education" Research Experience for Teachers program funded by the National Science Foundation.  CHTM graduate students Emma Renteria, Sadhvikas Addamane, and Orlando Romero took the teachers through the steps of growing, patterning and testing a solar cell.  For seven weeks this summer, 12 of last year's 14 teachers and two new teachers will work in CHTM, UNM and Sandia National Laboratory labs investigating nano-structured light emitting diodes, solar cells and other energy-related technologies.  Based on their research experience, the teachers will create lesson plans and submit them to the TeachEngineering website.  At CHTM, four faculty members will host six teachers, helping them bring real-world research into New Mexico classrooms.