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February 17, 2016 - Sharon Steely

Professor Daniel Feezell

Ashwin Rishinaramangalam, Post Doctoral Fellow in Dr. Daniel Feezell's research group at CHTM, reports that their group's work has been covered by, a digital-only magazine for the semiconductor and advanced silicon industries. Its circulation is comprised of thousands of scientists, engineers and executives involved in industry manufacturing and R&D.

This work is part of the Lighting Enabled Systems and Applications Engineering Research Center (Formerly, the Smartlighting ERC).

The story is titled, "Triangular nanostructure semi-polar gallium nitride light-emitting diodes" and an excerpt reads:

'University of New Mexico (UNM) in the USA has fabricated triangular-nanostripe core–shell semi-polar III–nitride light-emitting diodes (Figure 1 -- illustration of section of triangular-stripe core–shell nanostructure LED) on c-plane sapphire [Ashwin K. Rishinaramangalam et al, Appl. Phys. Express, vol9, p032101, 2016]. The performance results are described as "preliminary."

Figure 1: Illustration of section of triangular-stripe core–shell nanostructure LED.Figure 1

...The researchers explain: "For low injection currents, the path of least resistance is through the thick, high-indium-content QWs near the apex. This results in longer-wavelength emission (∼480nm) at low current density, primarily from the QWs near the apexes. As the current density is increased, the current spreading across the nanostructure is improved and a short-wavelength EL peak near 425nm emerges. This peak is attributed to the thin, low-indium-content QWs on the main sidewalls of the triangular stripe. The peak near 425nm shows very small shift in wavelength as a function of current density, as expected for uniform semi-polar QWs."

...The researchers comment: "Upon optimization of these TLEDs to being on par with existing technologies on free-standing GaN, the low cost associated with this approach could potentially become the driving force towards commercial adoption."'

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