UNM students welcome students from ERC partner universities

April 29, 2016 - Sharon Steely

Poster presentation for NASCENT ERC students

A poster presentation conducted during the CHTM site visit by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to review the NASCENT ERC was a unique opportunity for students conducting leading research in nanotechnology and nanomanufacturing to become familiar with each other's areas of study. University of Texas at Austin is the lead partner in the ERC, collaborating with educational partners UC Berkeley and UNM.

Dr. Steven R. J. Brueck and students Leisha Armijo, Mahmoud Behzaridirad, Preyom Dey, Mohammadreza Zamani, Shima Nezhadbadeh and Juan Faria are among the NASCENT participants from CHTM.

The students' posters described their work in nanotechnology, and were each branded with logos from NASCENT, NSF, Berkeley Engineering, the Indian Institute of Science, University of Texas at Austin, Seoul National University, and UNM. The branding followed through with consistency in graphics and fonts. It made for a very professional collection. CHTM classrooms 101 and 103 housed the presentation, and over 100 posters were displayed in a manner that allowed traffic to flow easily for viewing and discussing every poster. The presentation rooms were electric and buzzing with conversation for hours.

"It's a rare chance to learn about cutting edge work in nanotechnology that others are performing outside of your own area,"  said UNM student and Krishna Research Group member Marziyeh Zamireh. "I very much enjoyed getting to learn about new things in my field without the usual stress of work pressures and deadlines. Plus, the chance to meet others pursuing the same studies is invaluable. We all had a lot to talk about!"  

NASCENT ERC site visit by the National Science Foundation hosted by CHTM