National Photonics Initiative proposes technical roadmap for White House task force

July 6, 2016 - CHTM

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In the context of the "National Cancer Moonshot," announced by the White House in January to accelerate early detection of cancer, photonics technology has come under a national spotlight like never before. The National Photonics Initiative (NPI) has released a technical roadmap and recommendations for how “new and enhanced technologies” can play a key part in achieving the Moonshot initiative’s objectives. Optical and photonic advances, especially in imaging, occupy an important place in that vision. Lauren Leiman, a staffer with the Office of the Vice President and the director of external affairs for the Moonshot program, said that NPI’s road map and involvement in the program is “an incredible example of what we’re doing really well with the Cancer Moonshot.” The Optical Society's Optics & Photonics News article, NPI Proposes Tech Roadmap for Cancer “Moonshot” by Stewart Wills, published July 1, overviews the technical aspects and implications of the roadmap.

The National Photonics Initiative (NPI) is a collaborative alliance among industry, academia and government with the stated goals:

  • To raise awareness of photonics and the impact of photonics on our everyday lives
  • To increase cooperation and coordination among US industry, government and academia to advance the field of photonics
  • Drive US funding and investment in five key areas of photonics

The NPI brings together experts from industry, academia and government to assemble recommendations that will help guide US funding and investment in five key photonics-driven fields critical to US economic competitiveness and national security:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Communications and Information Technology
  • Defense and national security
  • Energy
  • Health and medicine

The NPI is led by top scientific societies including:

The National Photonics Initiative website
NPI Proposes Tech Roadmap for Cancer “Moonshot” by Stewart Wills, Optics & Photonics News, OSA