CHTM has reached more than 200 issued U.S. Patents

September 26, 2017 - CHTM

CHTM and STC.UNM (STC) have reached an important milestone! More than 200 United States patents have been issued to CHTM technologies. This is about 34% of UNM’s portfolio.

Approximately a third of these issued patents are optioned or licensed and have been transferred to industry. “Patenting and commercialization are important aspects of CHTM’s mission. The high percentage of licensed patents is a powerful testament to the commercial relevance of our research directions and innovations,” said Dr. Steven Brueck, Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, and CHTM faculty member.

“CHTM’s mission is to create and sustain a culture of excellence to promote research and education in photonics, microelectronics and nanoscale materials and devices, and their applications, to foster interaction between UNM, federal laboratories, and industry and promote an entrepreneurial spirit for economic development with a regional focus but of global importance. CHTM has lived up to that mission and its promise. We all own this accomplishment because without UNM administration, STC, faculty, staff, and student support we could not create and foster such a fertile environment for research excellence and accomplishment,’ said Dr, Arash Mafi, CHTM Interim Director, Associate Professor. 

In mid September, CHTM and STC hosted a celebratory event inviting all CHTM inventors, UNM Administration, and faculty and staff. The celebration was hosted at the newly completed Lobo Rainforest Building, where STC and other businesses and affiliates have moved. The event featured talks given by Dr. Arash Mafi- CHTM’s Interim Director, Dr. Steven Brueck- Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, Elizabeth Kuuttila, STC President and CEO, and Dr. Gabriel Lopez, Vice President for Research.