CHTM Completes SQUID Magnetometer Setup

February 20, 2020


Quantum Design MPMS3

It's an exciting time at the Center for High Technology Materials! The Quantum Design MPMS3 Magenetic Property Measurement System has completed installation and configuration to add to our materials characterization capabilities. It was a unique experience to condense helium to its liquid state to enable to super-cooled properties of the 7 Tesla magnet. 

Congratulations to Professor Martin Kirk for his intiative and efforts in leading the charge that brough this valuable tool to CHTM. Many thanks to Wes Denton and Mark Villegas for completing hte site preparation that have made the events of the past fornight possible!

The new equipment was acquired through funding from the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program. The program serves to increase access to multi-user scientific and engineering instrumentation for research and research training in the Nation's institutions of higher education and not-for-profit scientific/engineering research organizations. An MRI award supports the acquisiting or developement of a multi-user research instrument that is, in general, to costly and/or not appropriate for support through other NSF programs. MRI proposals are heavily competitive as NSF caps proposal submissions to just three per institution.