Assistant Professor Nathan Jackson Presents at INNOVATE NEW MEXICO TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE

April 6, 2020


Assistant Professor Nathan Jackson

Assistant Professor Nathan Jackson in Mechanical Engineering and CHTM, was one of two speakers from UNM to be invited to speak at the Innovate New Mexico Technology Showcase 2020 sponsored by STC. UNM. The collaborative even highlighted research and technology from researchers across the state. There were over 150 attendees comprised of local and national companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.

Professor Jackson showcased his technology of a Microsystems based Aerosol Generator, and its potential applications and impact to society. The potential applications for this technology are numerous including but not limited to enhanced drug delivery, safer e-cigarettes, aerospace and space exploration, and additive manufacturing. More information on this technology is available at the link below  or by contacting Professor Jackson 

To view the research he showcased, click here.