CHTM Research Assistant Professor, Dr. Thomas Rotter, Winner of 2020 Gentec-Eo Laser Lab Award

July 31, 2020 - CHTM

Congratulations are in order! CHTM and ECE Research Associate Professor Dr. Thomas Rotter, has been selected as one of 12 winners in the Gentec-Eo Laser Lab Awards. The winning colleges and universities were selected by the Laser Lab Awards tem at Gentec-Eo base don how they intend to use their prizes and their eligbility to enter the contest. Winners get to choose their prize among a list of Gentec-Eo products. 

The goal of the contest aims to support optics laboratories in universities and colleges in the United STates. Its goal is to ensure students have access tot he same quality measurement instrucments that are used today in the industry. Dr. Rotter's Laser Lab prize is a BEAMAGE-4M. The laser beam profiler is a convenient complement to laser power and energy measurement instruments because it provides useful additional information like spatial energy or intesity distribution, beam width, centroid, ellipticity and orientation. It comes with intuitive software that features an array of useful tools and functions. 

We can't wait to see what Dr. Rotter's intended use of the BEAMAGE-4M will do for students' research at CHTM.